Mother’s Day

Mother . . . we all had one.  Mothers vary in shape, size, age, and race.  Some are shy.  Some are exuberant.  She was the one who gave us physical birth or adopted us. Perhaps the woman who acted in the role of a mother figure in your life is the one you really view as your mom.  Whoever she is/was, she is one of the most significant persons in our life.


Happy Mother’s Day

I never fully appreciated my mother until I became a mother myself.  Mother has been in heaven almost two years . . . I still miss her.  She shaped me.  She loved me.  She sacrificed for me.  She believed in me.  She was my champion.   I will always be grateful for the privilege of being her daughter.


Wisteria on Porch Steps

This Spring, I am drawn to the color purple.  It’s regal, beautiful and vibrant qualities speak to my soul’s craving for beauty.  Here are two images of Wisteria blooms gathered last spring while helping care for my mom.  These images bring back a flood of memories.  Some are bittersweet.


 Perhaps our souls appreciate beauty most when we hurt. It is such a contrast to what we are experiencing.  God is so good to give us glimpses of beauty during hard times.  Thanks for taking “A Second Look”.


Be Still

Be Still, cally lily, water drop on flowerWhen moving your head causes nausea, the phrase, “be still” becomes very personal.  Today, I am thankful that although still struggling with other aspects of a virus, the nausea is gone.

The phrase “be still” from Psalm 46:10 can also be translated “cease striving”.  Life has been so full, some of it very stressful.

I do not enjoy being sick.  At the same time, it is somewhat of a relief to have to let go of all that has been on my mind, in my heart, and just let God be god.  Let go and put all of it in His capable, loving, and strong hands.

Do You Think God Organizes His Refrigerator?

It’s January again.  You know what that means.Close ups of Purple orchids, organizing refrigerators

Everyone is talking about organizing their life, losing weight, and doing everything in their life “better” than they did last year.  Yes, I have been reading a few of those tips, too.

Honestly, the topic is very hard to miss if you are within three feet of a source of social media or a group of live persons just after January 1st!  By January 30th the world will will be discussing something else.  Note: February is a great month to buy “almost new” exercise equipment.

Mum-Yellow, Close up of chrysanthemun

This has lead me to a question I have been pondering.  Do you think God organizes his refrigerator?  Upon reflection, my answer is I don’t think so.  After all, He has a whole universe to run.  And you thought you had a lot of stuff to deal with!

Looking through the macro lens, I can confirm that He is very, very good at organizing His creations.  The patterns, the colors, He is SO good!

One of My Favorite Things

"Poinsettia-in-the-Rain", Macro photo of Poinsettia.  Waterdrops on flowersMy love affair with musicals began one afternoon in a movie theater in Jackson, Mississippi, when I first  saw the classic, “The Sound of Music”.  The first musical notes captured my heart.

I sang all the songs throughout my childhood and into adulthood.  One of those famous tunes, “My Favorite Things” starts with the words, “Raindrops on roses . . . .”

In photography, especially macro photography, one of my favorite things to shoot is raindrops on things, including flowers.  I think it always communicates a sense of freshness.

Hope you enjoy the raindrops on this Christmas Poinsettia.

Featuring Macro Photographer – Me!!

Yes!! It was my privilege to be featured on the December 10, 2013 blog of professional macro photographer, Mike Moats.  Click on the following link to see five of my macro images.

Featuring Macro Photographer.

For some time I have enjoyed Mike’s work.  You can see his work at