Including Less

I am on a journey to include less in my life so that it doesn’t hinder me from what is most important.


Anna Ruby Falls near Helen, Georgia.

Reality is that neither you or I know the exact date or time that we exit this earthly life.  Two more days, a few months, six more years, or maybe several decades, only hindsight will reveal the length of our life journey.  Just saying only God knows the exact number of my days.  He formed me in my mother’s womb, He alone knows how much longer this part of the journey is.  (Psalm 139).


Rushing Waters

What’s most important in my life . . . well, somewhere along the way I thought it was having stuff, i.e. possessions.  I am thankful for what I have, but just not interested in collecting and maintaining it as I once did.  As the years progress, I see that possessions are not the things that share love with you. They are poor substitutes for relationships.  I have been very fortunate to have a loving family and loyal friends through the years.

At this point in life, I want to have more time with people and less with the possessions.

These photos were taken at Anna Ruby Falls, near Helen, Georgia. Anna Ruby Falls.  Recently, my husband and I joined my sister, brother and their spouses for a few days together.  As the youngest in my birth family, I know that we now face less future time together than what we have previously enjoyed.  So, at least twice a year we meet somewhere to enjoy being together, since we all live hundreds of miles apart.  Weekly phone calls and texts help, but are not the same as “face time.”


Along the Path




Texture, texture . . . didn’t have my macro lens with me, but still looked for opportunities in the midst of huge boulders and overflowing waters.

What or who is most important in your life?  Pursue it, now!

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Soon, But Not Yet

Sometimes life does not go according to schedule, at least not the schedule we have in our head.

Three weeks ago, I came to tell my precious mama good-bye. She has been under Hospice care for a number of months. She is declining rapidly. Yet, she lingers on.

I am learning much about trusting God for HIS timing. Thankful for this time with her and with family.

I will resume this blog soon. I have much to share. For now my energies are elsewhere.

The Little Things

Photo of child's handBetween two chubby young fingers a small blooming weed is grasped and then presented to me.  We have been running and playing in the park.  The sun is bright.  It is hot.  A cool drink of water would be a welcome treat.  The gift is small.  The light in the child’s eyes is loving.

I am reminded that little gifts in life are often the ones that cheer my heart the most, especially when they are unexpected: a smile, an encouraging word, a hug, someone who takes the time to stop and pray with me concerning a burden I am carrying, a thank you that is verbalized.

Little things and little gifts . . . sometimes they are the ones that matter most.