Mother’s Day

Mother . . . we all had one.  Mothers vary in shape, size, age, and race.  Some are shy.  Some are exuberant.  She was the one who gave us physical birth or adopted us. Perhaps the woman who acted in the role of a mother figure in your life is the one you really view as your mom.  Whoever she is/was, she is one of the most significant persons in our life.


Happy Mother’s Day

I never fully appreciated my mother until I became a mother myself.  Mother has been in heaven almost two years . . . I still miss her.  She shaped me.  She loved me.  She sacrificed for me.  She believed in me.  She was my champion.   I will always be grateful for the privilege of being her daughter.


Beauty from the Underside

gerber flowers on black, underside of gerber flowers. oange, yellow gerber flower The underside of a flower generally does not get much attention.  After all it is not the main attraction.  Without the stem, there is no support, no beautiful bloom.

As I continue to deal with the limitations of  a torn tendon in my ankle, I know how important the not so gorgeous, but oh so necessary parts of our bodies are.

Only yellow petals show from the topside of this Gerber Daisy.  Hints of orange only visible on the underside remind me that God is at work even when it doesn’t look like He is.

Parts or the Whole?

"Gerber Celebration".  Orange and yellw gerber flowerWhich is more important?  The parts or the whole?   In macro photography, you discover that it is all the tiny details that make up the whole object.  If the details are a mess, the image will not be appealing.  All the parts together make up this beautiful Gerber Daisy.

I have been thinking about this a lot this past week.  I have had the opportunity to see what happens when one group of people work together as a whole, submitting their lives to God and each other, for the purpose of honoring Him.   Even when life is tough and messy (as it often is) the outcome has been one of love for each other and bearing each others burdens.  God is at work.  He is being honored.  It is a picture of unity and beauty.

The second group of people started out well, but somewhere along the way something changed.  They became more focused on the parts (themselves) than the whole.  Jealousy and pride were allowed to take root and grow.  In this situation the resulting image is one of much pain, bitterness and divisiveness.

This has been a good reminder to me to acknowledge my wrong attitudes and actions quickly.  Then with God’s help, I can choose to walk in the opposite direction toward right attitudes and actions.  I want “my part” to contribute to the beauty of the whole, not help create a mess.

Which is more important?  Parts?  The whole?  Seems we cannot have one without the other.