Twinkle in My Eye

Twinkle, heart beat, and soul mate just to name a few . . .

Twinkle in My Eye

Music to my heart.

Heart Music

Strong, but tender.web--Best-Guy-Ever_0630

Sweet like candy.
Candy Love

Valentines come in all sizes and shapes.  What is yours?  Thanks for taking a “Second Look”.  More Valentines are posted under “Seasonal Images” at

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Favorite Love Story

Our-Love-StoryForget the Hallmark movies.

Listen to others in your life tell their story of love.

Enjoy the smiles on the faces of those in love.

Celebrate with the bride and groom who just got married!

Celebrate with the bride and groom who have been married for many years!

My favorite love story?

Mine of course!

I bet yours is your favorite, too.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Featuring Macro Photographer – Me!!

Yes!! It was my privilege to be featured on the December 10, 2013 blog of professional macro photographer, Mike Moats.  Click on the following link to see five of my macro images.

Featuring Macro Photographer.

For some time I have enjoyed Mike’s work.  You can see his work at


Photographing a Rose From a Different Angle

Valentine Roses.  Macro photo of red rose.  Waterdrop on rose. Rose stemThe rose is probably the most photographed flower.  In light of that, I chose to capture an image from a different angle.

This one  makes the eye linger just a bit longer.  The drops of water, the lines within the red petals and the green stem keep the eye moving.  Eventually the eye goes back again to the one large drop of water.

It is a rose from a different point of view.